RE/MAX – A name you can trust

Hello Jeff:

Cynthia and I extend our sincere thanks to you for taking the time on Friday to take us around to some condo showings, and particularly for the impromptu sideline excursions you took us on to visit with your woodworker and to see some other smaller resorts having a similar feel to what we are looking for in a B&B. The willingness of each Re/Max agent to assist with our decision-making process of whether to pursue a long range B&B plan, or a short range condo plan, has been very helpful, and is truly appreciated. Regarding our “plan”, we have decided to follow our hearts, which are driving us toward the Ambergris Bay property, but want you to know that the time we spent with you was invaluable – and we thank you for that time.

Thanks again for all that you have done, and we certainly look forward to staying in touch with you.

Best Regards, David and Cynthia.